Thursday, January 24, 2008


Jeans and t-shirts...the all-American get up...

There are thousands and thousands of t-shirt shops on the web now. Lots are crass, most are just dumb. Where do you even begin?

I've rounded up a few I think are nifty and I hope you like!

This rad little place presents a new tee by a new artist EVERY DAY for about $10! How cool! If you don't like what you see today, just wait a few hours and you'll get something new tomorrow! They keep their stock on hand until it sells out (but the price is a bit higher if you don't purchase it the day its introduced).

Fun little t-shirts at fun little prices...Wee!

Etsy is just a grand place to find whatever it is you're looking for....

My green pick for the day...Yummy!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Drip Drop

I think its quite appropriate that I'm now getting around to my "umbrella post" now that its 70 degrees and blue skies for miles here in my little wintry corner of California. I first was inspired about a week ago when it was raining to start to see what options there are to carrying around something that looks like you're hiding from the rain under a giant black rock. Personally, I love the rain and I like to show that affection through my umbrella! When I was younger my dad gave me a yellow umbrella with a duck head on the end. I cherished that thing for YEARS! It was a sad day when I had to put it to rest, however to my delight, several years ago I found the same such umbrella in an adult size. Since then its been my quest to have some cheer when the rain clouds roll in, so I've picked a few so you can show your love for the rain too!

Tray 6 Design Lab offers umbrellas and ONLY umbrellas which is what makes them great at what they do. Here are some awesome designs by Tray 6:


"singing in the rain" design by Bernard Maisner:


pare*umbrella also specializes in only awesome umbrellas. They're stock is constantly changing so you'll always have something new to peek at, and they might just get in exactly what you're looking for! But, make sure to get it when you see it because there is a good possibility something new might take its place in a few weeks.

"lace G"

"sassy dots"

Frankford Umbrellas offers this great clear umbrella. Its simple, rad, and lets you show off a style all your own. (and best of all its only $18!):

From CB2 (yay!) comes the $11 "people umbrella" with rad graphics and an awesome color:

If you have a few extra dollars to spend and you want extraordinary style, check out the Pagoda Umbrella from Signature Bella. This umbrella was specially designed by Jodell Egbert to capture the essence of the beautiful vintage umbrellas she had been collecting for years. The Pagoda comes in a variety of color mix and match options:

Last, but not least, is an umbrella many of us have often hoped for, but never thought possible. The people at Pearl River have made it possible!! They have taken traditional Chinese parasols and coated them with a water-repellent so they can be used in the rain! Soo exciting! Check out these beautiful umbrellas:

Happy Showers!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rad Squared

So I like to share a variety of online shops in my posts, CB2 however, deserves its own. Holy smokes this place is awesome. Its like Dwell meets Target....I can't get enough!! Everything is uber cool and uber cheap which makes me uber happy! Lemme show you what I mean...
The Alchemy Stool:

Union Dining Table:

Carton Vase:
(Perfect for your kitchen windowsill!)

The Fifteen Minute Hourglass:

The Marilyn Plate:

Eden Bed Linens:

Tall Tinis:

Chet Sofa:

Nothing has made me want to brave ice cold winters in Chicago as much as CB2! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Geek Chic

Well, now that you have your laptops dec-o-rated, I figured that I should post some cool ways to carry your newly snazzified gear. Fortunately,there are quite a few alternatives to those horrid black laptop bags that end up being heavier than your laptop itself.

I came across some very cool bags and cases recently, so I hope you find one to suit your fancy!

Plastic People Design offers this great bag designed by LoveStorySupreme which comes in four great colors and two awesome sizes, complete with a make-up bag and mirror to match!

This ridiculously awesome wooden briefcase, designed by Takumi Shimamura, can be found at PlushPod, and comes in 4 color options.

From Tom Bhin comes the very cool and very "green" Archetype Cork Laptop Case:

Some might say "packing heat" but you'll definitely be smokin' with this awesome bag from Vlieger & Vandam.

This has got to be one of the coolest bags I've seen in a long time. Made of industrial felt with exposed rivets and leather straps, these bags from CARGA rocked my socks off.

A great inexpensive alternative to the CARGA bags are "laptop wallets" that can be found at WorkingClassPeople's Etsy store

And, if you're looking to have a little fun, or brighten your day the folks at Barry's Farm can do just that with their hedgehog laptop case!! Share the love!

Happy toting!!


Joined At the Hip

For those of you who have a laptop, you know what I mean (and for those of you who have a Mac it's an even stronger bond for you!). Living in the age that we do, with all the technology that surrounds us, really leaves no option but to embrace it. We find ourselves being able to solely function via our computers on so many different levels, be it communicating with family, friends and co-workers, getting the latest news, purchasing anything from kleenex to cars, and even getting medical advice if needed. In the "user" friendly world we live in laptops seek not to offend in their drab stoney grey colors. Recently, more and more designers have been tuning into those of us who cry out for color, design, and anything that can differentiate us from the next person and have come up with some awesome ways to spice up our laptops!

Engrave allows you to do exactly that...engrave the lid of your laptop (for about $100)! How awesome is that?! They have designs you can choose from, or you can provide your own. (They also laser engrave Molskine journals, but that's for another time).

For those of us not as eager to permanently tattoo our laptops or looking for a cheaper alternative, Gelaskins provides some very cool laptops "skins" for both PCs and Macs and even your iPOD! These run about $30.

Thosmhicks Etsy shop also has some really awesome simple designs (in 14 color choices!) for your lid at about $18 each (that includes shipping! Nice!!) :

Hopefully you have enough ideas to make your laptop spectacular!! Next up will be some rad bags and cases so you can carry your laptop in style!

Happy Tuesday!