Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Review: Left to Tell

The stench of death. The pang of hunger. The lonliness of desolation. Thoughts echo in my head of a place I've never been. My heart aches for people I've never met. I've found my heroes in the people of Rawanda. It is a place steeped in misery, hatred, evil, despair...and two more things: hope and forgiveness.

I just finished reading Immaculee Ilibagiza's account of the Rawandan Genocide told in her story "Left to Tell". How is it possible? This is the question that keeps ringing in my ears every day. How is it possible that humans could become such brutal killing machines? How is it possible that the world could turn a blind eye? How is it possible that these people could survive such atrocities and live to worship and rebuild their lives? This story haunts me. It makes me think. It reminds me that we are all steps away from becoming those brutal killers. It reminds me to have compassion. It reminds me to be prepared....to be strong in mind and spirit.

This story has not left me. I doubt it will for a long time...in fact, I hope it stays with me forever.

Hope and Happiness,

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